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Milestones and Company




The Wisecap® story started in Piacenza in 1977: Piero Delfanti, through his company CDS, began the production of caps for the first PET bottles for the bursting Italian mineral water market.


Diversification in beverage cap market

CDS decides to make its entry into the growing sector of plastic caps and closures. Innovative solutions enabled the company to grow rapidly in the market thanks to reliability, safety and distinctive design of CDS products. The company moves to a larger headquarters in Piacenza.


The second generation - leading the Italian market

Alessandro Delfanti, son of Piero, becomes CEO of the company. CDS acquires the Italian company Viroplastic, based in Florence, and becomes a major manufacturer of plastic closures for the beverage industry.


International expansion

CDS acquires the Czech Republic subsidiary of Viroplastic, based in Frydek Mistek, further increasing its already major market share in Europe.


A new chapter of innovation

In a constant innovative process driven by the desire to reduce environmental impact, CDS introduces the lightest plastic cap for water bottles in Europe.


M&A and organic growth

“Idea Taste of Italy”, the private equity fund specialized in Food & Beverage sponsored by
the DeAgostini Group, acquires a shareholding participation in the company. The goal of this deep strategic alliance with CDS is to accelerate the group's development and growth.


Consolidation in Europe

CDS acquires Inplast, the leading producer of plastic caps for the beverage sector in Spain.


Wisecap® Group

The merger of CDS, Viroplastic and Manufacturas Inplast leads to the foundation of Wisecap®, an integrated group with a comprehensive portfolio of innovative solutions for caps and closures and an extensive production footprint in the beverage industry.


Wisecap® acquires VIKIPLAST

WISECAP® acquires VIKI PLAST leading European manufacturers of caps and closures for the HOD market and water dispensers.

A diversified group with global coverage


Wisecap® is a European manufacturer of plastic caps
and closures for the beverage industry.
The group operates four production plants in three
different countries (Italy, Spain and the Czech
Republic) producing more than 12 billion caps each year.
The client portfolio includes all the main bottlers in
Europe, Africa and North America.

CDS srl

CDS srl is one of the key players in the Italian market
with its two plants in Piacenza and Florence. CDS has
a wide range of products and specializes in extra-light
closures and sports caps. The company has longstanding
relationships with the main bottlers in Italy
and Central Europe.

CDS-Viroplastic CZ

CDS-Viroplastic CZ is one of the main producers in
the market in the Czech Republic and neighbouring
areas. The modern Frydek-Mistek plant is ideally
located to expand market coverage throughout
Eastern Europe.

Manufacturas Inplast

Manufacturas Inplast leads the market in Spain and
Portugal. Its plant is located in Aspe.(near Alicante).
The company's offering includes standard sports
caps, as well as extra light, 38mm and 48mm caps for
water, soft drinks and the dairy sector.
Manufacturas Inplast serves over 200 local and
international bottlers throughout Spain, Portugal,
Canada and North Africa.


VIKI PLAST is one of the global market leaders for caps
and closures for the HOD market with a global presence.
The manufacturing plant is located in the heart of Poland
with Sales offices in Warsaw. VIKI PLAST core competences
focus on design and manufacturing of mineral water dispenser
closures and relevant accessories.

Sales by geography