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Our philosophy

Quality is very important to us. Most importantly good quality products ensure a good package performance at our customers. Good quality products also allow optimum production efficiency and avoid waste and unnecessary cost.

We define best practice production and quality control methods and roll them out to all our plants. Corrective actions are centrally coordinated and followed-up in order to ensure that we do the best for our product quality. Continuous improvement is our daily business.

Quality laboratory

Quality control plans are identical for every product type independent where the product is produced. Fully automated measuring machines are key for the capability of our processes.

In addition, quality laboratories run tests for tamper evidence performance, tightness, sealing quality and further product properties.

360˚ Quality System

FOX TQM is the complete solution for Quality Management in the production departments and incoming material processing.

FOX TQM is interfaced with the company quality control plan system it allows you to define and administer the control procedures (plans, documents, regulations), to propose to the staff the controls to be performed by guiding them in carrying out the activities. It acquires data from the measure tools, manages the non-compliance, documents and analyzes results.