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Wisecap Group®, a leading designer and manufacturer of Beverage caps, was among the first to propose the new range of tethered caps in compliance with the European Directive, which must be adopted by all beverage manufacturers by the beginning of July 2024.
This important initiative is the result of the growing awareness of the importance of environmental education and respect for the environment among consumers and manufacturers of plastic bottle beverages.
At such a crucial and important time for the packaging industry, the Wisecap® Group, stands at the forefront of these important directives. Always committed to innovation and the search for sustainable solutions, Wisecap® comprises five entities in Europe, employing more than 255 professionals, who work tirelessly to serve more than 600 customers in 42 countries worldwide.

This initiative testifies to the Group’s ongoing commitment to combining the constant search for ever-higher performance and lighter weight of packaging components with the introduction of cutting-edge technical solutions capable of providing adequate responses to new regulations on tethered caps.

With this new campaign, the Wisecap® Group is lending its support in educating and raising consumer awareness about the importance of proper disposal of caps and the positive impact on the environment of using tehtherd caps. The revolution toward more sustainable production and consumption is underway, and Wisecap is proud to be among the first to take concrete steps to ensure a better future for our planet.

“Tethered caps represent a key step toward reducing pollution caused by plastic bottle waste,” said Alessandro Delfanti, CEO of Wisecap Group. “We are convinced that environmental education is key to stimulating positive change in consumer behavior. With our ‘Education is Revolution’ awareness campaign, we aim to sensitize bottlers and their consumers to adopt more responsible behaviors in plastic waste management, contributing substantially to a more sustainable approach. Regulations are important, but consumer awareness must be stimulated through a targeted educational process to achieve greater results in terms of real environmental impact.”

The Wisecap Group is determined to continue to play an active role in building a more sustainable future for future generations. It will continue to invest in research, innovation and collaboration with customers and partners to provide ever more advanced and environmentally friendly solutions.