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Statement, values and strategy


Today Wisecap® is a group including major
companies in the cap and closure industry.

We are driven by in-depth knowledge of the
market, expertise and passion.

Our customers are our partners and we are proud
to serve them with innovative solutions.


Your partner

At Wisecap®, we listen to our customers' requirements and provide our expertise to propose innovative solutions. Our goal is to ensure that our partners achieve excellent results.

Our partners' trust in us is the essential ingredient to maintain a high level of specialization combined with extensive coverage of local requirements. We are responsive and flexible in serving our markets.

A 360° consultancy service

We are a strong and stable industrial partner, in which virtuous synergies transform new challenges into opportunities for growth.

Being aware of trends, and being able to anticipate our clients' needs, we offer personalised consultancy to always reach the best quality.

Strong common sense and great care for the functionality of the products are the hallmarks of our solutions.

Caps produced

8.5 bn | CDS
6.0 bn | Manufacturas Inplast
2.2 bn | CDS-Viroplastic CZ


85 | Manufacturas Inplast
70 | CDS
33 | CDS-Viroplastic CZ

Production lines

37 | CDS
24 | Manufacturas Inplast
10 | CDS-Viroplastic CZ

We are one of Europe's top companies but still retain deep local roots.


Your partner

360° consultancy service

Environmentally sustainable approach

Relentless commitment to excellence, quality and innovation

Our subsidiaries are the frontrunners in the closures sector in their respective markets. Wisecap accordingly draws strength from its national connections to create a global structure.

Our mission is to provide our customers with a global service including the most suitable products for their needs. We guarantee excellence in quality, safety, design and productivity.
Our customers rely on us for the design, planning, manufacture and delivery of tailor-made closure solutions. Wisecap is an ideal partner thanks to its in-depth knowledge of local market trends and requirements, extensive technical know-how, listening culture and dedication to hard work. For us at Wisecap, innovation is a continuous and forward-looking process that incorporates advances in materials, manufacturing processes, quality, design and safety.