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Wisecap® will take part in the “Petnology Pack Passion Week”, on March 8 at 4:00 PM


Luca Nanetti, CCO of Wisecap® Group, will hold a presentation titled “A journey towards sustainability… tethered closures as a part of a broader action plan” Tuesday 8 March from 4 to 4.40 pm.

Tethered closures will soon become part of the daily life of beverage consumers throughout Europe. Their introduction will represent a real revolution in this market with a clear target, reducing the impact of certain plastic products on the environment.

Plastic caps converters are having a unique opportunity to deliver innovative solutions to their clients enhancing the drinking experience of the end consumers and bring added value.

Tethered closures introduction is the first activity out of a broader action plan that can really lead to the a creation of a more sustainable approach for the Beverage industry where plastics will represent an important resource rather than an obstacle.

The presentation of Luca Nanetti aims at presenting some of the activities that would give real contributions to a more sustainable approach to packaging in addition to the introduction on the market of tethered closures.