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Wisecap® presents its BELTY2 technical solution for compliance with the new European Directive.

Wisecap®  is launching another solution for compliance with the new SUP European Directive 2019/904.

As of July 2024, plastic bottles and closures will have to stay “attached” in order to give their contribution to “the reduction of the impact of certain plastic products on the environment”. In order to furtherly promote circular economy policies targeting the definition of new product developments & innovative materials and designs, Wisecap® presents BELTY2 “attached” pattern which is also available for other neck finishes.

BELTY2 guarantees the best drinking experience of the end-user and delivers a convenient and sustainable approach. Easy and intuitive BELTY2 represents a further proposal from Wisecap® in the field of technical solutions compliant with EU Directive 2019/904.

Wisecap® has always paid a lot of attention to sustainability and environmental issues. Education of the consumer in these fields is a major commitment for Wisecap® who combines innovative, easy and intuitive technical solutions with an appropriate approach to carbon footprint reduction policies.

The CEO of the Wisecap® Group Alessandro Delfanti explains that “the expectations of our partners and clients are driving our daily efforts in terms of new developments. Our targets are defined in terms of safety of use, comfortable drinking experience and finally we are proud to present our proposals to address the new EU Directive on Single Use Plastic.”

BELTY2 represents the ideal completion of a series of alternative solutions Wisecap® is presenting to the market. BELTY2 and SECURECAP2, available on various neck finishes, have been specifically designed to deliver the best possible convenience to the end-user.” Additionally, Luca Nanetti, CCO of Wisecap® Group, confirms the determination of the Group to continuously work on innovative solutions capable to facilitate new approaches to plastics, recycling and finally ease of use.”