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Wisecap® presents its SECURECAP2 technical solution for compliance with the new European Directive

Piacenza, 30/03/2021 – Wisecap® , the newly launched brand in the field of caps & closures that builds on the know-how of the historic companies that make up the group, is leading the way in the development of technical solutions suitable for compliance with the new SUP European Directive 2019/904.

As of July 2024, plastic bottles and closures will have to be “attached” in order to give their contribution to “the reduction of the impact of certain plastic products on the environment”. In order to furtherly promote circular economy policies combining new product developments & innovative materials and applications, Wisecap® introduces its SECURECAP2 solution combined with any of its various 1881 closure designs. SECURECAP2 attached patterns, available also on other closure designs, delivers a clear audible and tactile signal indicating that the opening of the closure has been properly performed. The opening angle and the open locking position guarantee the best drinking experience for the consumer. Mechanical compliance to the specifications of the norm is proven by the increasing number of bottlers adopting this solution.

Educate the consumer to sustainability is a major task for Wisecap® and opens the way to new technological frontiers including reduction of carbon footprints by reusing certain raw materials. Wisecap® new proposal responds to the needs of the market and supports the target of sustainability the company fully integrates in its mission. 

“We have developed a solution that responds to the expectations of our clients in terms of safety and correspondence with the specifications of the norm as well as of a comfortable drinking experience,” indicates the CEO Alessandro Delfanti.

“Education of the consumer is another crucial part of our commitment and of our daily activity within our Group,” confirms the CCO Luca Nanetti, “and we engage in designing our solutions in a way that the consumer is driven to develop new approaches to plastics, recycling and ease of use.

SECURECAP2 is a brilliant example of how it is possible to combine all these elements and deliver the market with state-of-the-art solutions”.

Wisecap® european leader with local roots.